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Think Attar Think Perfumes, Think Attyab Perfumes

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Fragrances... we need them.

Every time we come across a fascinating fragrance or a sassy scent we long for time to stop in its tracks. A phenomenal perfume leaves us longing for more of it. An alluring attar makes our presence more attractive.

Best Attar Online Store India Mumbai

For men and women of fragrances, a particular scent becomes their distinct identity. Some scents instantly hit that chord within and we say, "This is it!" It's like loving a scent at the first whiff. And what more can you desire if that fragrance ends up adding to your personality and one which you can carry with ease, it naturally becomes your signature scent.

Like people, perfumes have many facets to them. Perfumes start as something with the initial blast then a journey begins. A journey of countless fragrance notes and accords. It may open as a smoky citrus note that could gradually transform into a fruity floral accord while giving hints of varied elements and moving towards a sweet or musky or woody or an animalic dry down. This transition from one perfume character to another can be termed as an adventurous perfume journey. The passionate perfume lovers revel in this fragrant journey.

At Attyab Perfumes online store, we realize every person has a unique preference when it comes to attar perfumes scents fragrances, whatever you call them. A working gentleman may want a motivating perfume whilst at his desk so not to let the work stress drub him. A working lady could seek a fragrance that makes her smell good, feel good. A happy go lucky guy or a girl would want a playful perfume that keeps them all pepped up. An outdoor working guy with a lot of running around to places to meet people may want a fragrance that could either leave a positive impression or the least he wants to fight that body odor that may put off a client. Different people with different reasons to wear a perfume.

Attar best or perfume, is a good question. But we at Attyab Perfumes online perfume store believe both are equally good. However, attar (perfume oil) being in a pure and concentrated form tilts the magic in your favor more effectively. The only flipside or as a matter of hygiene, you need to have clean hands. A few drops of the best attars rubbed thoroughly on the palms, penetrate the palm lines and then you can move those palms either on your clothes or skin* to leave yourself in an all fragrant state. Having mentioned that it's still a personal choice.

A perfume spray created with denatured alcohol is equally harmless except for some who might not want it on their skin. But in scientific parlance the denatured alcohol in the perfume is nothing more than a drying and spreading agent that carries the fragrance molecules from the atomizer to the target while covering a major area without any human intervention. It just evaporates in thin air no sooner it has touched the fabric or the skin. Mission accomplished.

Back to Attyab Perfumes online store, where undoubtedly you will be able to get fragrances for any mood and any occasion. You will get it in best attar form or spray form.

The perfume sprays on Attyab's online perfume store are customised with 2 types of concentration levels. A 30% concentration in a perfume can easily give more than an 8 to 12 hours of lasting, could be more depending on conditions. And the 2nd level is a 50% concentration that exceeds the perfume lasting by more than 12 to 14 hours, and in some studies it has been more than 24 hours.

So if you want to believe in the theory of perfumes like we mentioned above, we would urge you to go past the moment of truth and order yourself an amazing attar or an appealing perfume spray right away. Remember, our range shall keep on growing with every passing day.

*P.S.: Skin patch test (elbow area) recommended before applying on body.


Allergen sufferers must avoid.

Keep away from heat, fire and sunlight.

Keep away from eyes.

Keep away from children.

For external use only.

Keep in a cool and dry place.

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