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Ittar Attar Perfume Oil - Part I

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

People around the world call these fragrance oils with different names. Some call it Attars, for some it is Ittar, and some also refer to these fragrance oils as Perfume Oils. But what should these fragrance oils be ideally called ?

An Attar (Arabian term) or Ittar (a widely used term in India) are one and the same. In traditional parlance an Attar or Ittar can be classified as a fragrance oil or a perfume oil, but one cannot classify every perfume oil or fragrance oil as attars or Ittars. The creation of attars is mainly achieved through a tedious yet meticulous distillation process whereas the creation of designer perfume oils or for that matter Oriental perfume oils is achieved through the Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry process.

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The attar manufacturer when it comes to distillation has to mainly make use of natural ingredients like Oud wood, Musk, Amber, Rose, Sandalwood and various other ingredients that have a fragrant character. These natural aroma ingredients are then combined at times with the help of some spices and herbs to create a distinct attar or they could be distilled individually for their own scent oils. For example, the oil distilled from Sandalwood chips or sandalwood powder is referred to as Sandalwood oil. However when it comes to something like a Shamamatul Amber, the ittar manufacturer has to combine a number of ingredients and aromatic spices & herbs that go on to emit a unique fragrance oil when distilled.

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