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Best Perfumes for Women in India

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Women in general and Indian women in particular do not have much of a difference in taste when buying a perfume online or elsewhere. The criteria remains largely the same; musk scents, floral fragrances, fruity perfumes, citrusy scents provided they shouldn't be too strong.

Best Women Perfume Online Store

Over the years, countless perfume brands have launched perfumes for women across the world. And a study of the best selling perfumes proves that barring a few fragrances much of these popular perfumes have largely been floral, fruity (kind of gourmand) and citrusy perfumes created on a soft and mild tone.

The most famous perfumes for ladies around the world were launched some decades back yet they are still in fashion. The success story of Chanel No. 5, Bright Crystal, Black Opium, Flowerbomb, La vie est belle, Chance Chanel, Armani Si, Baccarat Rogue 540, Black Orchid, Chloe, Prada Candy and the list shall go on and on. But that can be covered in a future article. So, to cut to the chase, all these hot selling perfumes for women have a few common characters that were mentioned earlier.

Indian women love perfumes that are sweet and subtle and musky and not too offending or disturbing. Indian women love to smell good and attractive and their choice of perfumes are more or less the same as their counterparts in the western countries.

In India, the use of best attar or scent oil in its concentrated form is quite prevalent as many female perfume lovers respond negatively to denatured alcohol based perfumes. The use of these fragrance oils by women on their pulse points is a part of their self grooming ritual since ages. Because for the Indian woman beauty is not just about their looks but the entire persona. And, the fragrance story continues...

Sweet | Musk | Floral | Citrus | Woody | Gourmand

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