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The Luxury of Oudh

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

It all started with the passion for fragrances. I still remember starting with that 3ml attar bottle of some amazingly smelling oud. I used to work in a BPO during those years. One fine day, a colleague, a Bengali fragrance lover, must say a highly learned fellow and well read chap, was seated behind me. And, voila, he was enjoying the waves of oud oil projecting off my shoulders. I had applied the Oud on my skin as well a bit of it on the fabric.

It could have been the rather cool environs of the workplace that made the Oudh all the more enjoyable. I vaguely remember the fragrance of that Oudh oil that had a mild sweetness to it, and a bit of earthen accord due to maybe the Amber note in it. But, what a fragrance.

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Nevertheless, that was a learning experience for me because that Bengali perfume lover colleague of mine ...

(to be contd.)

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