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All About Attyab Perfumes

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"Attyab Perfumes is a Mumbai based export company that supplies aromas, essences, flavors & fragrances globally. With its inventory of more 1100 long lasting fragrances Attyab Perfumes offers Designer and Oriental Fragrances. These are uncut perfumes which is why the lasting is much better than the watered down perfumes available in the market."

Attyab Perfumes drives the idea of a fragrant India with its pure perfume oils, attars, sprays and other fragrance related products. We at Attyab Perfumes believe that even the most expensive perfumes can be made affordable to the fragrance lovers by simply snipping a few not so required overheads. We believe, even the most sought after fragrances and perfumes can be made available to people across the globe. It’s all about going that extra mile to spread the fragrances. So, come along and explore the world of fragrances where Attyab Perfumes offers you the choicest of perfumes in Designer, Oriental, Niche, Indian and other categories. Explore the range of alternative Western and Arabian perfumes that you can pick up for a cost that is less than a cup of coffee a day.

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